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Tips for writing essays

Here are the points of right-done essay:

Focused. You should write your essay clearly and understandable. The main thought, idea, and the point should go right to the reader. There should be no deviation from the original topic, and every argument should be very clear.

Organized. You should be prepared for everything. Preparing for the work is a very important step. You should not just write along. Every point from the structure to the paragraphs order should be considered by you.

Supported. You should have facts to support your points. Besides that for your analyzed text you can include few statements.

Lucid.  It is a must for you to have proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

You should have a pencil with you on classes every time you are there. You should also ask your teacher about some extra paper for you to take notes. It can be your ideas and key words. Also, you should do the analysis of your paper. Do not be lazy to take notes.

You should write down the prompt. This is, actually, a must for the prompt that is on the smart board or white board.